Over the past several months due to circumstances beyond and within my control I realized I had been living with low levels of anxiety. I was having a hard time figuring out what some of the causes were so through meditation and sitting quietly I started to evaluate where the problems could lie. I decided I needed more “joy” in my life and wanted to do more of the things that would create that feeling. As I went through my day I started to tune in to the things that seemed to slightly increase my heart rate or give me that “edgy” feeling. 

After analyzing for a few days here’s what I discovered:

Emails, for the most part do not bring me joy and for the most part stimulate slight anxiety or frustration when I have to waste time removing spam from my in box. So first on my list was removing email notifications on my phone and committing to only checking my email once per day. The second thing I noticed is that I have most of the notifications turned on in my phone. I promptly went to the notification screen and turned all of them off except text and phone…well that felt better, suddenly my phone was becoming very quiet.

I also turned a new setting on that sends all phone numbers not recognized right to voicemail and committed to not always picking my phone up when a call comes through. Am I ignoring my friends and others? Some, perhaps but now I give myself time to call others back when I have some free time and can really be tuned in to the conversation.

I’ve back away from looking at social media and only check in a couple times a day for a few minutes. Of course I spend time prepping my own pages but do all of that off the pages and schedule them instead.

Each day during my twice daily meditations I spend the last couple minutes focusing on the feeling of joy and have dedicated myself even when things aren’t perfect to bringing this feeling with me. 

I hope this is helpful and you can use any of these things that resonate with you to bring more JOY:)