Some of you may have heard parts of the story before but this is how it goes…

I had been practicing yoga for about ten years. I often thought it would be fun to teach yoga, connecting with others in this way. I’m pretty sure that most people that think about taking yoga teacher training wonder if they are ready “good enough” to take the next step. Well this was me, not sure if I had enough knowledge or was good enough at the practice to step it up a notch. I had been going to a studio, after searching for quite some time, for something I felt connected with. It had been about a year when their fall teacher training popped up. I not so seriously kicked the idea of signing up, around. One day at lunch (in a job I was pretty happy with) I mentioned to my manager how this training was coming up and I thought it would be fun. Maybe someday I would do it “when I’m ready”. She asked me when I thought that would be. She had a point! I checked into it a little more and finally made an appointment to talk to one of the owners about the next step. Training was in two weeks, at that point and after our conversation, I was in…Yikes!

I finished the training and continued to practice with friends as I perfected my skills enough to take my teaching further. I was given the opportunity to sub some classes. My first class had 20 people, so much different then the two I was used to. As my skills progressed I started subbing at a yoga studio and eventually got a class, and then more classes. I eventually took another specialized training in yoga therapy and started working with private clients, I also taught chair yoga at a church twice a week. So between my part time job and eventually 10 classes a week teaching yoga, you could say I was pretty busy, but loving every minute of teaching.

When I found out that a building that had been foreclosed and never finished was bought, I decided to step it up again. The idea for opening my own studio had been on my mind but I was given the nudge by an acquaintance to take it to the next level. The process from that point progressed quickly.

We opened out doors 4/5/14.

The knowledge I have gained from three teacher trainings (all different), setting up a studio, creating a teacher training program that I know graduates great teachers, and all the amazing people that work at Bliss and come through the doors for class every day is beyond anything I could have hoped for when I was just kicking the idea around to take a teacher training. 

My question to you is…

What thing have you been wanting to do but haven’t taken the next step? Go ahead do it now! There will never be the “perfect time”. Let me know in comments so I can cheer you on!!