I am always searching for things that will improve my health or keep me on track for better health. I love tech things, so I’m always looking for the next thing to track my progress.

I’ve listed some of my favorite things, not all tech related since I also like things that have proven beneficial for years. Check out the list and let me know in comments if you have a favorite that keeps you on track for better health.

  • I have been using an Oura ring since March. This little ring is a health tracker with sleep tracking as its main function. I’ve tried sleeping with other devices but watches, and phones by my head just aren’t comfortable for me. The ring will track how much sleep you’ve had and break it down with a graph of awake, REM, light & deep sleep. It will track your temp while you’re sleeping which is great for letting you know early if you might be getting sick. It tracks your daily activity, meditation and rest. Oura believes that your day starts with your nights sleep before. It also lets you know how hard you should work out based on all the tracking from the day and night before. So cool if you love tech stuff, so you can make adjustments to up level your health.
  • Back in 2017 I decided I needed to add more cardio to my routine. I love yoga, that and walking are my “go to” but yoga doesn’t give me the cardio I’m looking for and getting outside to walk in the winter isn’t great. I saw several adds about the Peloton bike and decided this was it!! We ordered it for Christmas and I have been riding ever since. I like the fact it’s not just a bike but a community. You can take live classes with instructors out of the Peloton studio or you can take one of thousands of on demand classes. The instructors can see your stats and encourage you by calling out your leaderboard name. They congratulate riders on milestones and birthdays. You can high five other riders to encourage them along the way. Each instructor is amazing and different enough so you can connect with your favorites, and they all have great playlists. It’s not just the bike but now they have a treadmill and an app that has off the bike workouts of all kinds including outdoor running.
  • About 15 years ago I was introduced to Young Living essential oils. At the time I thought they smelled nice and bought a couple but I didn’t really understand how these oils could help with a healthy lifestyle. I since have learned that these oils are more than just a scent. I purchased a starter kit that came with a bunch of oils and a diffuser that help with so many things daily. I removed all of the toxic cleaning supplies from my house and use their Thieves cleaner for everything in my house and Yoga studio. There are so many ways to support your wellness with essential oils. Why Young Living? There are a few other good companies as well but you have to be careful of cheaper oils. You could be replacing one toxin with another. What have I used essential oils for this morning as I write this already…Diffusing an amazing blend of orange, lavender & eucalyptus just to create a calming environment while I write, used Thieves cleaner on a pet cleanup, refrigerator door and our counter tops, placed some peppermint oil on a windowsill where I noticed a couple ants getting in and brushed my teeth with their essential oil toothpaste. That’s just this morning more oils through the day everyday. Interested in getting started kit to convert your life away from toxin Youngliving use #11470380 to enroll. Have more questions? Leave in comments.
  • Every morning I have a protein smoothie for breakfast. That and a coffee with MCT oil keep me going until about 1:00pm. I use organic dark chocolate Ancient Nutrition bone broth. One scoop has 20g of protein, gluten free, paleo friendly, dairy free, soy free, grain free and nut free. My “go to” usually is a scoop of this with unsweetened almond milk or oat milk with frozen mango. It’s quick and easy to take with me as I start my day.

These are just a few of my daily wellness hacks. Let me know in comments what’s your favorite? 

Thanks for reading:)